Kwikshipper USA should be your first option as they provide efficient, inexpensive, and reliable global parcel forwarding services.


Kwikshipper USA is a global parcel forwarding service. We provide services to our prospective customers who search for various items that are only available in the USA. If you are a shopper or an entrepreneur looking to purchase items from the USA, Kwiskshipper should be your first option in this regard. Our customers who are regular buyers or businesses intend to buy items such as Apparel, fashion accessories, handbags, jewelry, watches, electronics, cameras, shoes, books, Vitamins or Herbal products, Milk Powder, and more. Along with these, various businesses tend to buy machinery parts, tools, and other related materials. However, many of the items are only available in the USA. Kwikshipper USA helps customers buy these reliable and cheap items from the USA without any hesitation and then delivers the items to their locations utilizing the top-notch services.

The following are the services offered by Kwikshipper USA:

  1. Global Parcel Forwarding Service:

Kwikshipper has got one of the best Global Parcel Forwarding Services among its competitors. They do global parcel forwarding to more than 200 countries from the USA. So no matter where you live or your business is situated, Kwikshipper USA will deliver you the parcel with total reliability and affordable shipping rates. In addition to this, if you want specific services to be based upon your needs, we can provide you. For such reasons, they are considered as one of the most competitive global parcel forwarding services providers in the World.

  1. Providing Free USA Addresses:

As most of the USA retailers do not ship items to overseas shoppers and businesses, Kwikshipper USA makes sure to provide the customers with the free USA local addresses, the Kwikshipper’s address. We provide a free US address with a unique ID for each customer. When the parcel reaches the Kwikshipper warehouse, our team places them in a respective locker area based on their unique ID. So no matter whether the custo2mers purchase one or multiple items, Kwikshipper ensures that parcel reaches you without any mix. These free addresses enable the customers to buy items from those retailers and get them delivered to the warehouse of Kwikshipper USA. After those items reach the warehouse, Kwikshipper promptly delivers the parcels to their concerned owners.

  1. Economical Shipping Charges to Over 200 Countries:

Another phenomenal benefit that Kwikshipper USA provides to its customers is the economical shipping to over 200 countries. They provide their services at such low cost because they get volume discounts from shipping carriers. They get such discounts because they ship packages in a greater quantity, and due to that, the shipping carriers give discounts to them. However, rather than taking advantage of this to increase profit, they pass on these discounts to customers to benefit.

  1. Parcel Consolidation:

Kwikshipper USA provides another excellent service such as parcel consolidation, to its prospective customers. Parcel Consolidation is a type of luxury that Kwikshipper USA offers its customers for them to save money. With the help of parcel consolidation service, the customers can buy multiple items from different retailers. When those items reach Kwikshipper’s warehouse, they get packed into one box rather than in different boxes and are promptly forwarded to your destination. This saves up to 80 percent of the shipping cost for the customers. However, if the customers do not avail of such services, they may have to pay extra shipping charges as carriers charge excessively for the first 500 grams of any shipment. Heavy packages would reduce those high rates imposed by the carriers.

  1. Concierge Service:

Many US sites don’t accept foreign credit cards, making it difficult for foreign customers to buy in the US. Kwikshipper USA offers concierge service to its customers as well. Customers only have to provide information such as the type of item they are searching for, the location of the concerned retailer, and other details. Customers pay Kwikshipper the cost of reliable goods, and Kwikshipper purchases them on behalf of customers and shipping them promptly. After that, it will be up to Kwikshipper USA to buy those items and forward them promptly to their customers.

  1. Renowned and Reliable Shipping Carriers:

Kwikshipper USA understands the importance of reliable and trustworthy shipping carriers, and therefore, they use a network of World-Renowned Shipping Carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, AUSPOST, and various others. These top shipping carriers ensure the safety of parcels and deliver them within the specified time, reaching up to the customers’ expectations.

  1. Start to finish online shipment tracking:

With online shipment tracking, Kwikshipper USA allows the customers to track their parcel’s shipment progress. They will be able to track the shipment whenever they desire. Tracking the shipment would provide a sense of security and peace of mind to the customers. However, it is helpful when you are shipping any critical or sensitive items. Kwikshipper USA provides up to the minute online shipment tracking.

  1. Deliver to your Door Step:

As soon as your parcel reaches your destination, Kwikshipper USA will make sure to deliver the parcel your doorstep without any minute wasted. You may not need to go anywhere to collect your parcel; it will be up to Kwikshipper to deliver your parcel to your doorstep.

  1. Customer Support:

Kwikshipper USA provides its customers with top-notch customer service. They provide 24/7 services to their customers through emails, phone calls, and online chat support. So in case you need any query to be cleared, get in touch with Kwikshipper USA’s customer support team. They are always available to solve your problem.

  1. Multilingual website:

Kwikshipper USA website is a multilingual website. It enables customers from various countries with different languages to surf Kwikshipper’s website easily. The website can be translated to around 200 plus languages.

  1. Save up to 10% sales tax on the products:

Customers can save up to 10% sales tax on the products they buy if they use the US sales-tax-free address provided by the Kwikshipper USA. Sales tax can prove to be very expensive and can increase customers’ expenses to a greater extent. However, with a smart move of using the US sales-tax-free address provided by Kwikshipper, customers can easily save up to 10% sales tax on their purchase. Customers need to opt for the Kwikshipper’s Portland, Oregon, to save the sales tax.

  1. Free Warehousing up to 30 days:

Kwikshipper USA offers you free warehousing up to 30 days. You can benefit from free warehousing for 30 days without incurring any sorts of costs. With Free warehousing, you will order multiple packages and store them at the warehouse for up to 30 days without paying any charges. As soon as all of your packages arrive at the warehouse, you will ship them together. Free warehousing is a great way to save storage costs. It is especially for those who are running their businesses or are just starting. Moreover, it will also aid those individuals who are short of budget. These types of services are usually not provided by other shipping service providers.

  1. Parcel Inspection Service:

Kwikshipper USA provides a parcel inspection service. This ensures that all of the items are in good condition and are not damaged. They do this to build trust with customers and strive to reach their expectations. Parcel Inspection Services provide customers the tranquility of mind.


Kwikshipper stands out from the rest as they are one of the most competitive and reliable shipping services providers worldwide. The exceptional services that they provide are their unique selling point. All of the services they offer are for the benefit of their customers. If you want to ship items from the US to anywhere in the World, your go-to option should be Kwikshipper US.

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